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Dr Nan Zhang was selected for the 2023 Rising Star Fellowship of UCD

Dr Nan Zhang was interviewed for his research in ‘lab on a chip’ science. he is working with this company's technical team to optimise and scale up their prototype technologies to meet the challenges of clinical trials, for which these microfluidic cartridges will need to demonstrate high repeatability and consistency of results when collecting testing samples from patients. he is trying to develop a bridge between the laboratory and mass production to really help the companies who are doing the laboratory research, the lab scientists, bring their technology forward for clinical trials and eventually for commercial validation as a product to benefit patients.

These microfluidic cartridges Dr Zhang has described can be used to make nanoparticles as a nanomedicine. Covid shone a light on nanomedicine - the application of nanotechnology in medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of disease - with messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines emerging as a revolutionary tool to help combat the virus.

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