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Congratulations to Honggang Zhang successfully defended his PhD dissertation

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

We are delighted to announce that on Monday, 30th August 2021, Honggang Zhang as the first PhD student in our team, successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled "Investigation on Precision Micro Electroforming of 2D Material-Enhanced Nickel Moulds " to Prof. Sudipta Roy as an external expert from University of Strathclyde in UK and Dr. Philip Cardiff as an internal expert, with Dr. Neal Murphy as a chairman. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, his viva voce examination took place virtually and finally the examination panel gave a high value to Honggang’s thesis and presentation. Really well done, Dr. Zhang!! We appreciate his tremendous efforts for our team. Honggang will be appointed to be a professor in Beijing University of Technology soon to start his independent research career. He is well deserved.

Big congratulations, Dr. Zhang! We wish him the best of luck in both his life and future research career.

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