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Congratulations to Dr Nan Zhang's team being reported by UCD today

In UCD Today Spring/Summer 2023, Dr Nan Zhang's team received a special report entitled "Revolutionising Point-Of-Care Diagnostics and the Biopharmaceutical Industry with Microfluidics" due to its breakthrough research in the field of Microfluidics.

In what is often referred to as ‘lab on a chip’ science, our group research focuses on developing mass-production technologies to bring innovative diagnostic devices from the laboratory to patients at an affordable cost. The challenge lies in scaling up the production process, making these microfluidic devices in high quantities while maintaining consistency and repeatability without defects is difficult.

Now the process established in our lab includes designing the microfluidic channels, running simulations to optimise fluid dynamics, and prototyping using precision 3D printing and micromachining technology. It is followed by conducting various experiments to test these tiny channels, such as nanoparticle synthesis or diagnostic tests.

UCD Today, the University's quarterly magazine, showcases UCD's excellence in teaching and learning, research and innovation.

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