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Congratulations to Akshaya Jagannath is chose one of the 600 Young Scientists selected to participat

Akshaya Jagannath is one of the 600 Young Scientists selected to participate in the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting (Physiology/Medicine), held annually at Lindau, Bavaria (Germany). The Young Scientists are selected after a multi-round evaluation including statements of motivation, field of research & resume, recommendations, etc. by a chair of field experts. This meeting is aimed at creating a collaborative community of select Young Scientists including graduate, post-doctoral, and medical students as well as accomplished Nobel Laureates, industry experts, and government representatives of various countries. Apart from collaborations, a key focus of the 72nd meeting was to discuss, debate, and understand the various challenges in medical science technology including the use of artificial intelligence, genetic disease detection in population groups, and policymaking in healthcare. As Akshaya's research focus is on the production of medical devices for disease detection, this opportunity was used not only to create important connections with potential collaborators but also to identify key gaps in this field and impactful research questions that should be addressed during her Ph.D.

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