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Explorer - deep tech - pre-commercialisation program, Spring 2023

During the Spring of 2023, Pranay had the opportunity to actively participate in an immersive pre-commercialization program that focused on life science deep-tech start-ups. Throughout the program, he took on various responsibilities, such as problem framing, customer discovery, value proposition development, technology readiness assessment, market sizing, risk management, and investor pitch preparation. Through careful analysis and synthesis of market and customer feedback, he established a compelling value proposition for the start-up's technology - μnFLOWSYN, resulting in increased interest from investors and customers. Additionally, he evaluated the technology readiness of μnFLOWSYN's innovations, identifying crucial technical and regulatory hurdles. Lastly, Pranay played a role in developing and delivering an investor pitch to create awareness about μnFLOWSYN's technology. His contributions during the program aimed to contribute to the successful commercialization of μnFLOWSYN.

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