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Congratulations to Dr Zhang and our team to win UCD Research Impact Competition

Our team has been focusing on micro/nano manufacturing, microfluidic device manufacturing. We have established a manufacturing platform by focusing on key enabling technologies, including micro/nano mould tools fabrication, micro/nano replication technologies, surface functionalization and device integration. Based on these research capability, Dr Zhang has established application platforms by working on microfluidic based nanoparticle synthesis for nanomedicine, molecular diagnostics based on digital LAMP, and DLP based high precision printing and 3D bio-printing, medical device micro/nano manufacturing. We are expanding our work towards atomic and close-to-atomic scale manufacturing.

We fully believe that we are creating novel and useful technologies to accelerate the translation of microfluidic devices, speed up nano-medicine formulation, and develop better miniature medical devices. Thus, we are working on improving the quality of human wellbeing and make the world better.

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