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MiNan Technologies Website is Active Now!

MiNAN Technologies is based on the Laboratory of Polymer Micro/Nano Manufacturing from Center of Micro/Nano Manufacturing Technologies, University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland.

What can we do?

Our team has more than 10 years of R&D experience in micro/nano tool development, precision replication using microinjection moulding and nanoimprinting. We have been working with collaborators both from industry and academia on the development of plastic microfluidics, microneedles or micro-optics. 

MiNAN Technologies will assistant our customers to design, develop, and fabrication of small and precision plastic components and polymer-based functional devices, such as microfluidics, medical devices, functional surfaces and telecommunication.

  • Design, material selection and process development

  • Micro/nano structured mould tooling development by precision micro/nano electroforming and micro machining

  • High precision replication using microinjection moulding and micro hot embossing

  • Precision chip bonding using UV-assisted bonding and thermal diffusion bonding 

  • Injection mould development

  • Small quantity and large-quantity cost-effective production for customer validation  

Commercially available products from MiNAN Tech:

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