“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.


​----   Sir Isaac Newton

I closely collaborate with Prof. Jens Decree from Fraunhofer Project Center for Bioanalytical Technology (FPC-DCU) in Dublin City University to develop microfluidic chips for bioprocess monitoring and collaborate with Prof. Wenxing Wang from UCD Charles Institute of Dermatology and Debra Ireland to develop microfluidic systems for the synthesis of gene therapy for butterfly babies. I am closely working with Prof. Fengzhou Fang and Prof. Michael Gilchrist to develop polymer micro/nano manufacturing activity in UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

In Ireland, I developed industry-academia mobility by co-operating with well-established domestic companies and outstanding research institutes, e.g., National Virus Reference LaboratryCellix Ltd., Ashland, EFJ engineering, Prior Medical, Clarity Sensor Research Center, Fraunhofer Project Center for bioanalytical technology (FPC-DCU), and Conway Institute etc. I have also demonstrated continued ability to collaborate with renowned international companies/institutes for polymeric microfluidics manufacturing, such as Micromolding solution Ltd. (Canada), Laboratory of Micro Nano Manufacturing Technology (China), and Cytofluidix (USA).